Crushing on Kate Hudson

Out of all my girl crushes I think Kate Hudson is the longest standing. As a teenager watching her movies she was everything I wanted to be when I grew up – beautiful, cute, big smile, great body, contagious and cool personality. I now know that I will never be her, but I can still appreciate her.

She is the new face of Lindex and this is the Spring campaign, in which she is so natural, beautiful and smiley

800x540xkate-hudson-lindex-spring-2014-4_jpg_pagespeed_ic_HvBAudk7BQ 800x534xkate-hudson-lindex-spring-2014-8_jpg_pagespeed_ic_o_pyysnsAT 800x534xkate-hudson-lindex-spring-2014-2_jpg_pagespeed_ic_G4iGffSog6 800x534xkate-hudson-lindex-spring-2014-3_jpg_pagespeed_ic_LVEuj2RJ37 800x540xkate-hudson-lindex-spring-2014-7_jpg_pagespeed_ic_kub528PJ9U 800x547xkate-hudson-lindex-spring-2014-5_jpg_pagespeed_ic_Cz2Pdt87mk 800x547xkate-hudson-lindex-spring-2014-6_jpg_pagespeed_ic_QghznMeNC8 800x557xkate-hudson-lindex-spring-2014-1_jpg_pagespeed_ic_St3Ok8ckVf

**Images: Fashion Gone Rogue


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