Health & wellness Wednesday

Since starting Weigh Less and my journey to a healthier lifestyle I have learnt so much so every Wednesday I am going to share that knowledge with you as well as some awesome recipes and workout challenges. Hope you’re ready for Health & Wellness Wednesday girls…

da436f185b5633c5b9090b7425dabea3First up, I am going to share with you my guide to healthy grocery shopping. Believe me, the contents of my trolley have done a complete 360 in the last few months so I have become quite knowledgeable about healthy grocery shopping. Here is my list of tips

– The fresh section is the first place I go to at any shop because this is what makes up most of my shopping list. I usually have between 7-10 types of fruits and vegetables in my trolley/basket which is a good amount for a week (I do weekly shopping so everything stays fresh)

– Key words to look for are Organic, low fat, low GI, Whole grain, fat free

– Plan ahead and don’t change/alter ideas or recipes in your head at the store because what you plan is healthy but while in the shop looking at cheese you may think to add cheese to your spaghetti bolognaise

– Avoid the sweets, chips, chocolate aisle (this is obvious but so important)

– Make sure you have a list and only buy what is on the list

– Make use of the nutrition facts and compare products

– Percentage of saturated fats, cholesterol, sodium need to be low or non existent

– Always buy lean meat

– Opt for filleted chicken

– Nuts are a good source of protein but make sure they unsalted and raw

If you have any other shopping tips then please share 🙂


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