What I’ve learnt – Self control

They say the first step to recovery is recognizing and admitting to the problem so here goes – I have no self control, now can it all be better please?

My lack of self control is evident in many areas of my life such as my weight, my closet and my debt (more so in my closet haha) so I know that I have a problem but haven’t figured out quite how to fix it yet. Towards the end of last year I promised I was going to gain some of my control back and as much as I feel a slight difference, I am nowhere near where I need to be. You see, the problem comes with spending/shopping/buying. I see something I like/want and I buy it without thinking long term or without worrying about my budget that I promised I would strictly stick to.


Since making the promise to myself to cut back, I have been frugal, to a certain extent but I am now feeling deprived. I haven’t gone clothes shopping since before Christmas (I have bought the odd item here and there) which for me, is because it used to be a monthly thing, I was like an animal let out of its cage. Of course, reading fashion blogs, browsing Pinterest and writing articles about fashion doesn’t help and actually aggravates the situation but I can’t stop doing that too (what would the purpose of life be then?)

Today I am feeling particularly deprived, I feel like I haven’t worn anything new in years, I fear I have nothing to wear when winter comes (I know its like really far away but I am a planner) because I chucked it all out after I started Weigh-Less last year thinking “it won’t fit me next winter so I will just buy more” and I was right, the stuff I gave away won’t fit me this winter but I can’t go buy a whole new winter wardrobe… I have to learn self control.

As I write this I think I should stop whining and just go buy something but the fact is, even if I wanted to, I can’t because I have run up clothing accounts, which I now have to pay, which makes me want to bash my head against the wall every month end (it is so easy to shop and swipe) so I just can’t! Also, I need to get some sort of savings into place, I need to get a sparkling credit record so that when the time comes to buy a house, I can, right there and then.

So at this stage this is what I have learnt about self control

– I suck at it

– I don’t want to be good at it

– Not very much at all

I will keep you updated on my progress with a What I’v learnt – Self Control part 2 (3,4,5,6,7) yes, I think it is going to be a long process.


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