What I’ve learnt – Defining Oneself

Being a freelance writer I often have to write a bio. I have always struggled with this and very often just give up and use the same one over and over again. Whether that is silly or not, I don’t know but what I do know is that I hated the thought of trying to define myself because I just am/love/do/appreciate so many things that it is really hard to choose.

Being online all the time, reading blogs and searching Twitter for the “cool peeps to follow” only put pressure on me to be able to define myself. The thought that if someone came to me and said you have 20 seconds to tell me about yourself and if we like what you have said we will give you a million bucks, I would have no idea what to say because how can I define myself?

I love fashion – fashion blogs, street style, shopping for fashion, looking at fashion and learning about fashion but I don’t have a specific style I can say I have or I like.

I love watching TV series, from Gossip Girl and 90210 to Awkward, The Bachelorette and America’s Next Top Model but I can’t say what my favourite genre of TV series is.

I become slightly obsessed with things that I like, for example when I discovered I actually love Lorde (after listening to her CD, Pure Heroine for a whole day) I researched her, from her style to interviews and live performances. This goes for brands, people, TV shows, anything, basically.

I want to be friends with the people I obsess over, like Lorde, Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, the cast of Awkward, the cast of Cougar Town, the cast of 90210…. the list goes on

I love listening to music and I have my favourites but the genre’s I listen to are broad, including country, pop and rock

I am a curvy girl who has only recently found a confidence in herself and has developed a “I am curvy, deal with it” attitude. (Side note, I am currently on Weigh-Less so I am losing weight which is what has boosted this confidence but even when I get to goal weight I will still be a curvy girl because I have the world’s largest hips and therefore will never fit into a 32/34)

I love animals.

I like reading and spending hours in book stores.

I love writing and blogging but I can’t even decide on my niche because I like fashion, lifestyle, music, celebs and doing reviews. Talk about an all-rounder 😉

I am a frugal fashionista, I rarely buy something expensive for myself (even though I can spend time touching/looking/wanting it) and stick to retailers like Mr Price, Jet, Fashion Express, Edgars and Woolies sales. I want to own a designer handbag but don’t want to buy it

As much as I want to travel and see beautiful places, I am scared to and would rather save the money for a house (remember my turning 25 post?)

I try to be a positive person at all times but don’t always succeed.

I like to talk about my feelings and am a very loving person so if you’re my friend you can expect cute friendship pictures from Pinterest because that’s just who I am.

So you guessed it, I would never get that million bucks and the person probably would have walked way by now. But that’s okay because I am glad I have so many interests and that I am so complex that I can’t define myself in one sentence or 20 seconds. Believe me, I don’t think there is anything wrong with being able to, I wanted to for so long but have just realized I can’t. I may have to carry on using the same bio or sit for hours trying to sum all of this up but it’s fine because I love me and all my craziness (don’t act like you didn’t think I was crazy when I told you I get obsessed with things and that I want to be friends with actors)

So I have learnt, with some time, that not everything has to be defined, you shouldn’t have to limit or box yourself, you just need to know yourself and love it, as is!



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