Oh Lorde, I love you

So I have been listening to Lorde’s album, Pure Heroine for the whole week and I am officially under her spell!

This is surprising to me because when I first heard Royals I wasn’t a fan, then I saw her performing on the Ellen DeGeneres show and I was like “what is wrong with this chick, she’s so weird” but I have grown up since then, I mean, I am turning 25 this year (you can read my very honest post about turning 25 here) and after I heard her song Tennis Court (which I am obsessed with) in the office, I thought I should maybe give her a second chance and luckily I did because now I have a new obsession (yes, I am an obsessive person and I like it)

She is still weird to me, but it is more of an intriguing, beautiful weird more than a Lady Gaga weird. I have watched numerous interviews and performances of hers on YouTube and as much as I still can’t like her strange movement on stage, I love how awkward, down to earth and care free she is. She admits to being opinionated and also says she will never go crazy like other young singers do (we won’t mention names, but it rhymes with smiley) and I really, from the bottom of my heart, hope she doesn’t because I feel like she is different and she should stay different in order to keep people (such as myself) intrigued and for me to keep on liking her!

Her voice is soothing to me, which is why I can listen to Pure Heroine on repeat, all day.


Click here to watch my favourite Lorde interview.


It also seems her and Taylor Swift are buddies so she can definitely stay because a friend of Taylor’s is a friend of mine 😉

Do you like Lorde? What do you think of her performances?


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