My makeup mind has changed

I don’t have bad skin, apart from a blackhead now and then and a few larger than normal pores, my skin is quite okay but I often forget or am too lazy to moisturize which is a problem, I know, yet I can’t get into the habit of it. The biggest problem comes in when I haven’t used moisturizer for about a week (yes, this happens) and I put my foundation on….It instantly looks flaky and shows how dry and dehydrated my skin really is. I know what you’re thinking, all your problems would be solved if you just MOISTURIZED, well, I know that, but still don’t do it (what? I am forgetful) but I have recently found a very easy, and affordable solution to my flaky face woes – it comes in a plastic tube and is called Tinted Moisturizer.

csm_70516_249c851351I know I am a bit behind on all of this, that would be because I am one of those girls who sticks to what she knows with makeup so as much as I’ve heard beauty bloggers talk about BB creams and tinted moisturizer, and as appealing as they were, I still found myself just going to the Revlon stand in Clicks and picking my Revlon Photoready foundation (which I still love)

I decided to try the Essence tinted moisturizer, which I’d had for ages but didn’t even open and it changed my life, this is why;

– Since we have already adapted my laziness, this is perfect because it is so quick and easy!

– It is cheaper than foundation, like, way cheaper

– I feel naked without something on my face but also hate looking like a poppie, this is the perfect balance. I am not entirely bare faced but I look natural

– The natural look and the light feeling

– The moisturizing factor – I don’t have to beat myself up anymore if I forget to moisturize

– It smells amazing

I have now decided that the only time I will be wearing my Photoready foundation is at night or when I attend an event. This is a good thing right? saves money, I look more natural, etc.

What is your everyday choice of coverage?

**Please note this was not a sponsored post, I purchased the moisturizer and views are totally my own**


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