What I’ve learnt – Turning 25

I am not exactly 25 just yet, in fact, there are a few more months to go until I reach this milestone but I am shaking in my imaginary Louboutins at the thought of hitting 25. Maybe it’s because I formed an idea in my head when I was about 10 that I would own my own house, be married and have a child by 25 but is that a reasonable reason for dreading the 13th of August 2014? (other than the fact that its the 13th)


Let’s look at life as it is, 24 with a steady job, doing many things I love, renting my own granny flat, engaged to a human I adore, following dreams, reaching goals and never letting go of my passion. It doesn’t seem that bad, in fact, it seems normal. The problem comes in when I think of it this way, 24 with a steady dream job, not doing enough things I love, paying towards somebody else’s bond rather than my own, engaged but no wedding plans.

It is not my intention to seem ungrateful and I find myself getting angry at my thoughts because I am much better off than others and have a lot more than many but that is not the issue here, because I know in my heart that I am anything but an ungrateful person, the issue is that time is ticking, my 25th birthday is coming up and I will have to start using anti ageing cream soon!

My fear of hitting the quarter century (OMG, quarter century) could be because I am officially an adult now, I mean what 25 year has to show ID at a club? Gone are the days when high school was two years ago and responsibility is errrrything now!

It could also be because everything hasn’t gone according to plan – still haven’t gotten my diploma, don’t own a house, not in dream job, etc. etc.

Then again, maybe I am scared of what the future holds, I mean, the older I get, the closer I get to being a mother and a wife, the harder it gets to change certain things like career paths, I have to stop buying clothes so I can apply for a bond and the less time I have to make a success of myself.

But then I think, look, talk, listen, open my eyes to the world and realize that most 25 year olds aren’t where they thought they would be since the age of 10 and those that are – whose plans worked accordingly, now wish for a change of plan. That’s because of a thing called life – unpredictable, indecisive, painful, irritating, puzzling, evolving, challenging, unfair at times, crazy and surprising LIFE!

Luckily though, my life, just like a coin or a cheating partner scenario, has two sides so I can look at what I haven’t achieved or I can look at what I have. If I choose to focus on what I have achieved and what I can still achieve with my next quarter decade, I definitely have a reason to celebrate, so why not do it on my 25th birthday….


6 thoughts on “What I’ve learnt – Turning 25

  1. OMG I can related to this post 100%. I will be 24 on the 10th of August and what the hell!? It’s almost like Iv’e been wasting time for the past 5 years and need to play a serious game of catch up. I’ve got the guy, a job, hobbies and some life experience but what about the car, house wedding and kids? I guess you cannot rush life but really…I feel a little pressured now.

    I hope your plans come together before you review this post in a few months time 🙂

    1. You really can’t rush life, who wants to anyway? there is so much to experience (including the waiting and things not going according to plan) I reckon it will all be worth it 🙂
      You sound like you’re halfway there already so that is reason for celebration 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by

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