Gone but never forgotten, RIP Madiba

One can never really be prepared for death and while the whole world knew Madiba’s day would come, it certainly hasn’t made the blow any lighter. It is hard yet beautiful to be on social media today – the kind words everyone has to say about him, the unity, to see a hotel in Dallas put up a South African flag just proves what a legend Mandela was and how lucky we were to have reaped the benefits of his sowing and be taught such valuable lessons from a selfless man.

There are no words to change how we feel and there is no right or wrong way to deal with such a tragedy but I think we are all doing really well – sharing memories, pictures, quotes said by the man himself and coming together to support each other and celebrate Mandela and his beautiful soul.

How one person could be so selfless, kind, strong and brave I don’t know, but I hope to find out!

Mandela 6

Robyn Cooke from Style Guide CT said this on her blog this morning “Thank you Tata Mandela, you served us well and now we need to serve your memory” and this is one of the best things I have read so far because he actually made it easy for us to serve his memory – what he did was be a good human being who stood up for what he believed in, who accepted others and extended his love and kindness to anyone who needed it, we are all capable of that.

So now we say goodbye with a heavy heart, but one full of appreciation and love for a nations hero. May he rest in peace in a place I believe is beautiful and worthy of his beautiful soul. His magic, his lessons, his life will be remembered forever and for that I am grateful. All that is left to say is THANK YOU MADIBA, MAY YOUR LEGACY LIVE FOREVER!

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