Erato S/S 2013

Erato is an online store owned by Cape Town based Julie Anderson which I recently got introduced to. At this time of year I find myself wishing for more online stores because it would just make life so much easier so imagine my excitement to discover another one.

The Spring/Summer 2013 range is sophisticated and trendy – everything a girl needs in a handbag and a pair of shoes.

I NEED the Alexa black in my life

Erato was one of the muses in Greek mythology and the literal meaning of the name is “to be desired”. They certainly got the name right because I definitely desire this beaut

Erato offers free delivery on their orders which is another plus. I haven’t ordered….yet so I can’t speak about the service but their promises are promising so if you have shopped with Erato, let me know your experiences!

While I have my eyes firmly set on the Alexa black, there are so many beautiful shoes and handbags ready for you (and me) to buy so go check it out

Aerin nude
Poppy clear
Poppy clear
Adriana red
Adriana red


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