Face Flashback: Taylor Swift way back when

She wasn’t always a star but it was her destiny and from a young age she was a beauty. These are some snaps from her earlier modeling days photographed by Andrew Orth/Coleman-Rayner

Never believe anyone who says you don’t deserve what you want – Taylor Swift

article-2466575-18D534A600000578-692_634x915 article-2466575-18D535FA00000578-77_634x900 article-2466575-18D53AA700000578-3_634x721 article-2466575-18D53A1900000578-79_634x422 article-0-18D53AA000000578-343_634x720 article-2466575-18D53C7600000578-244_634x425 article-2466575-18D53E4A00000578-438_634x893 article-2466575-18D536B700000578-6_634x413 article-0-18D53AE700000578-230_634x613

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