Guess what’s up: Capsule Projects

Natasja Fourie
Natasja Fourie

The annual fashion upcycling initiative by Capsule Projects and formerly known as Rock Me Again is now in it’s 6th year. The 2013 campaign sponsored by Jameson, supported by vida e caffè and titled Tomorrow Society is underway

Capsule Projects is concerned that fashion in SA is too narrowly categorised. It is mainly about clothes and very little about culture and the society that we live in. They want to change that by showing through this project, TOMORROW SOCIETY, that fashion in this country is aware of the challenges that we are facing in the world today. That fashion in this country can be used to make a point.

This culture-inspired sustainable fashion initiative gives you the opportunity to discard your old or unwanted clothes in a responsible way. Until 15 August 2013, members of the public will be encouraged to dispose of their unwanted garments by dropping them into specially designed drop-off bins.

These attractive bins, designed by Adam Court, Jared Odell and Tara Deacon, are stationed at Vida e Caffè stores in Cape Town (Roeland Street, Prestwich Street and Kloof Street), Johannesburg (24 Central Sandton and Greenside) and Durban (Florida Road).

At the end of the collection period, the garments will be transformed into contemporary one-of-a-kind fashion items by a select group of fashion designers. The items will then be photographed by various fashion photographers for an online exhibition at during October 2013. Clothing not selected for upcycling will be donated to charity.


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