Chanel FROW: Kristen Stewart

So the Chanel Couture show happened yesterday, of course I wish I had been there but I wasn’t so pictures will have to do. Obviously frow is important so I Googled that too which leads me to Kristen Stewart who looked perfect for the occasion.

article-0-1A9E8AFF000005DC-429_306x735 article-0-1A9E62A3000005DC-612_306x735 article-0-1A9E85C7000005DC-727_634x780 article-2353501-1A9ECB2D000005DC-191_634x431

How much do you love it?

Then there was Rihanna



One thought on “Chanel FROW: Kristen Stewart

  1. Are those legs or sticks Kristen is walking on. She does look stunning though. Uhm not so sure about Rihanna though

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