Yay or Nay

It’s been a while since I did a yay or nay (or actually any post in fact) so since I am back in full force, let’s do this thing.

These shoes are by Robyn and Roxanne and they take me back to my childhood because I can remember similar sandals (without the height)

Now I know flatforms are not everyone’s favorites so I want to know from you, yay or nay to these bespoke leather shoes

283785_258079281002225_370296348_n 942672_258080847668735_1974781220_n 310080_258080557668764_1739055624_n 408537_258080627668757_1858871466_n 525735_258080727668747_1599961917_n 166020_258080874335399_1388848363_n

They are growing on me and I could definitely think of ways to work them into my looks.

If you too, would wear them then go have a look at the Facebook page here


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