Can I have this hair please?

The Saturdays are not a girl band I know, I don’t know any songs, I don’t watch their show Chasing the Saturdays but I do know one thing about them – I love this girls hairstyle…



Whether or not it will look that good on me, I don’t know and don’t think I will try. When asking those closest to me for their opinions these were their responses

– No sis, its shaved on the one side, you will cry big tears

– You’re a girl, not Justin Bieber to which I replied it’s not a Justin Bieber hairstyle and the response to that was its the girls Justin Bieber style

You can insert your comment below to tell me what you think of this hairstyle.



4 thoughts on “Can I have this hair please?

  1. I love it ! I recently cut my hair to a sort of angled bob thing much to everyone’s dissatisfaction but when I stepped out of the salon they were like woooaaah that’s sexy lol so bugger the rest as long as you feel good, other people do not matter.

    And no said you have to shave the side of your head, you can trim it short !

    1. That’s what I was thinking, not shave the side, just have it really short. I am still thinking about it, I am nervous because I have just gotten my hair to a decent and manageable length after a previous impulse cut which I hated and cried therefore the crying comment 🙂

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