Curvy Girl Rant

A question I’m sure is on most curvy girls minds is what do South African retailers think we are? Old, boring, plain, not trendy? Judging from the plus sized stuff (I call it stuff because it doesn’t impress me all that much) that we see in stores, those stores who actually do have plus size ranges, clearly don’t take trends (which are there for everyone to wear) and age into consideration. Generally the plus size ranges are way different to the normal and hardly feature key trends. I would say that Mr Price Curve and Donatella from Jet are about the best places to get something wearable for someone like me (who doesn’t want frumpy dresses, boring jeans, and floral overload) which is what leads me to believe that generally those catering for plus sizes clearly have a warped image of us – the bigger girls.

Some of us are young, some of us still want to be fashionable, some of us don’t want to dress like our grannies (I should hope that’s most of us) so I think/know/believe that there is a need to get young and old people with more fashion knowledge to head up and get involved with plus size ranges. As I mentioned yesterday, I have recently come across so many overseas curvy girl blogs (they are awesome, will share links of my faves soon) and those girls have retailers who are on top things and who aren’t depriving plus sized girls the opportunity to wear stripes because there is this thing about stripes making you look bigger….

Yes, some trends won’t and don’t look good on a bigger girl but give us the opportunity to learn that for ourselves AND it’s all about how you wear and style it. I honestly didn’t think a peplum would ever look good on someone like me until I saw this


She looks fab! And rocks that peplum, so you see, you can’t knock it till you’ve tried it, which is what the buyers/designers need to learn. All I ask is that we have options and be thoughts of as normal fashionistas who wanna get involved with trends, who wanna experiment and who deserve more options.

Please note that I have used in general and generally quite a bit because I know I am generalizing but I also know that many of you can relate.

On that note, if you have any suggestions of where you have spotted some cool curvy items, let me know. Also, any plus size designers out there? Contact me, let’s chat

Also, if you’d like to join me in passing these suggestions on, I mean do you really think they are going to listen to one girl? Then mail me


4 thoughts on “Curvy Girl Rant

  1. I hate Mr Price’s plus stuff. Euw. I tortured myself a while bak by going onto the Asos website and nearly cried. They have SUCH beautiful stuff. There was one particular scarf print dress that caught my eye and made do numbers *crosses fingers* I did calculations of how much it’d cost be to get that beauty in my life. It was too expensive.

    While I’m not fond of Mr Ps plus stuff (why have they never had a limited project range in the plus category? Why don’t they ever have fat girls in their cute seasonal campaigns? Man look…” I do buy a few pieces. I sometimes even venture into their maternity wear sections, that’s where I bought a sheer pink blouse last December. I was embarrassed at first (especially when I was younger) but made peace that I’d take cute clothes that fit me where I found them. I was reaffirmed when Gabi did this post:

    I’m sorry for rambling. Really glad that you’re doing this πŸ™‚ LOL you should email me for more rambles or something.

    1. I get quite a bit of my stuff from Mr P but I must admit that the range definitely isn’t big or trendy enough!
      I stay away from those sites cause I know how expensive it is and it is just so depressing seeing what they have on offer compared to our little plus size sections.
      I love Gabi, she is so awesome and so confident and thanks for sharing that link cause I needed that – I have a few things from Mr P maternity myself πŸ™‚
      Keep an eye on your inbox, let’s chat πŸ™‚

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