Confessions of a curvy girl

The other day I was thinking about my blog, my followers, the awesome people I have met through my blog and Twitter which lead to future thinking about my blog etc etc.

I have held back on my blog, it was supposed to be my online space and diary but I have treated it as a stranger, you know when you first meet someone you hold back on certain things, well I have decided to change that and the first way to do that is to tell you all that I am plus sized (overweight some would say)

The reason why that is such a big announcement is because I have almost tried to hide it which makes me think that I haven’t accepted it which makes me sad because I should accept myself and so should you. This whole weight issue has really gotten out of hand to the point where some, including myself feel embarassed to admit and accept it and some (not me) turn to unhealthy ways to lose weight quickly to avoid everything that comes with being a plus sized girl. BUT being plus sized doesn’t make you a bad person, it doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable and it certainly doesn’t mean that you, yourself or others should think any less of the person you are. See now that is where I went wrong, thinking that other people were thinking badly of me and feeling self conscious and often intimidated around smaller people. Unfortunately this causes confidence to take a knock which could lead to negative things and habits but I have decided to make a change, I won’t allow myself to hate on myself, I won’t allow myself to feel inferior or intimidated when surrounded by people smaller than me. I have accepted my size and so should you!

I could sit and tell you about the amount of times I have tried to diet and failed, about how I do exercise and how I used to be way smaller but I won’t because this is how I am now and I have chosen to accept it.


Having said all this you can expect a few changes on this blog, my love of fashion is growing rapidly, I just can’t get enough and I have also discovered some awesome curvy girl fashion blogs which have inspired me to just embrace who I am and share that with you, not only for my sake but if there are any of you who are going through the same thing, you too, can learn to accept and love yourself, curves and all.

What you can expect is still to be thought about, but I can promise that it’s gonna be more me, more fashion, more writing and more inspiring.


Let me know your thoughts 🙂

21 thoughts on “Confessions of a curvy girl

  1. I love this! Although I may not be “overweight” as some people say, I have struggled with my weight since I was a teenager. The pressure to fit in is always so much. As I’m growing older I realize I need to love my body for what it is. Curvy girls for the win!:)

  2. you beautiful no matter what. i always thought i was big, now when i look back on those pictures i wish i was still at that weight. But we have amazing guys who love us for us.

  3. I loved this post 🙂
    I also struggle with weight and body issues. I try and diet and exercise but my love of food and social life take over and then all of a sudden I am back at square one. I have found I enjoy life more if I’m not watching what I eat or avoiding things because I need to be a certain weight.
    I have accepted my curves and I love them. Saying that i do wish I could lose some weight for health reasons and learn to enjoy exercise. You cannot change your body shape but that doesn’t mean you should let it go. Which is something I am trying to get into my head. But then cupcakes keep calling…

    1. Thanks for your comment and support. Am going to visit your blog right now.
      I think we will always find something to not like about ourselves..
      I also love food and chocolate so diets really don’t work too well with me unfortunately. I do exercise to try and stay at least a little healthy and fit you know

  4. Aww Kerry 🙂
    I love this post! I think its been my favourite so far.

    I love how honest you are here. No body is perfect or has a perfect life. If we were all honest with each other, & stop pretending that everything is ok,we’d probably realize that.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. I do understand why you feel the way you do. I am not skinny, I consider myself “normal” where other people see me as being “chubby” – I guess. I don’t seriously over eat everyday but there is no way I am saying no to pizza and burgers when I want them. I recently have been struggling a lot with feeling insecure about my weight and I have found by being more open with what I look like and who I am, I do gain a bit more confidence. But it is scary. I admire your bravery and definitely love you and your blog just the way you are 🙂

    1. Thanks Charlene, it honestly is surprising to hear that you feel you have an issue because to me you are an absolutely beautiful person inside and out. Just proves how we find things wrong with ourselves when to the kind world there is nothing wrong. Obviously there is a nasty world too, that being the media and judgemental people but we don’t need to listen/worry/believe or agree with what they say and think. We can live in our kind world with no judgement and acceptance xxx

  6. Good for you, Kerry! I’ll admit that discovering the world of plus-sized fashion blogging has gone a long way in helping me with some of my esteem and insecurity issues. I’m not very fashion but discovering other fat girls like Franceta, Gabi, Becky et al has done a lot for me. I look forward to the next phase of your (and the blog’s) journey.

  7. This is how i found your blog Kerry. I have really been struggling with my new weight and today was feeling really down since nothing fits anymore and i don’t like anything i wear. A Google search led me here and i am glad it did. Thank you for writing this article.

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