Kate Bosworth for TopShop – Festival Fashion

Sometimes┬áMost times I prefer festival and street style to red carpet – Seeing what the who’s who are wearing at Coachella excites me much more than seeing what they wear to red carpet events. The looks are more creative and varied. Having said that I am in love with the Kate Bosworth and TOPSHOP collaboration, … More Kate Bosworth for TopShop – Festival Fashion

The Top Knot

So my hair has finally reached a length where I can tie it up without millions of strands falling everywhere. It has taken forever to get here and now that it’s here I am taking full advantage of the top knot.   *Images: Pinterest  

Fashion Illustration Friday

Sophie Griotto is a talented illustrator and after Fifi Lapin, might be my favorite. Sophie’s focus is the contemporary urban woman, she researches her accesories and attitude, which makes her personality a lot more original. Her work is not just a picture it’s a place I want to go to. **Images from here

Curvy Girl Rant

A question I’m sure is on most curvy girls minds is what do South African retailers think we are? Old, boring, plain, not trendy? Judging from the plus sized stuff (I call it stuff because it doesn’t impress me all that much) that we see in stores, those stores who actually do have plus size … More Curvy Girl Rant

Yay or Nay

It’s been a while since I did a yay or nay (or actually any post in fact) so since I am back in full force, let’s do this thing. These shoes are by Robyn and Roxanne and they take me back to my childhood because I can remember similar sandals (without the height) Now I … More Yay or Nay