Statement Sweaters

Statement sweaters FTW this winter..

159c96b99aebe66272d847208da289b7 c17ea41bfc5668995950197677207e16 f2e983f5c0ceac4b8acf7c077b050c66 e4b9ece4b5788684efcea1fd6941e621 99b5d80330a03af86278534298060b99 5b1c4924775471c9178cf6806dd304e7


**Images: Pinterest

7 thoughts on “Statement Sweaters

    1. I know, whenever I look on Pinterest I want to rush overseas to grab some of the things.. Have you tried Fashion Express, I usually get most of my knitwear from there

  1. Oh I love this! I want the cat one or the cross one…& yeah I totally agree with Chicara, SA doesn’t have fun winter wear but I’m hoping TopShop will change that 🙂

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