Silver Linings and J Law

I watched the Silver Linings Playbook last night and while it started off quite weird and almost awkward (anyone who has watched it will know in the first few scenes, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence have some weird, confusing moments) by the time it ended I had fallen in love with the movie and those two crazies.


Predictable? Maybe, Romantic Rubbish? Maybe, Jennifer Lawrence a big girl crush? Definitely.

I loved them together, I loved the ending (so what if it was a cliche or predictable)

Watch it and let me know your thoughts.

P.S. I love J Lawrence as a brunette


2 thoughts on “Silver Linings and J Law

  1. This movie is up there on my top 5 movies of all time. So many wonderful things to say about it from the way it looks at mental illness, to how families cope and handle the craziness of life and illness and the heartwarming romance of Pat and Tiffany and finding truth in the insanity. I’m babbling, but wow, what a film! Have you read the book Kerry? It’s also just wonderful.

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