Kate Spade Lovin’

Inspired by New York and all its craziness, it is no surprise I am in love with the Kate Spade 2013 fall collection. So retro, so Kate Spade, so me!

Kate-Space-RF13-3728 Kate-Space-RF13-3568 Kate-Space-RF13-3574 Kate-Space-RF13-3581 Kate-Space-RF13-3589 Kate-Space-RF13-3595 Kate-Space-RF13-3601 Kate-Space-RF13-3608 Kate-Space-RF13-3612 Kate-Space-RF13-3646 Kate-Space-RF13-3677 Kate-Space-RF13-3692 (1) Kate-Space-RF13-3697 Kate-Space-RF13-3703 Kate-Space-RF13-3710 Kate-Space-RF13-3715 Kate-Space-RF13-3722All Images: fashionista.com


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