My Pinspirational Story

If you don’t already know I was chosen as the main winner in the Pinterest, Lil-lets/We are Women campaign competition.

This is the story of how I won R10 000 in Pavillion vouchers to make my shopping and fashion dreams come true.One of my favorite bloggers (I honestly can’t remember who, I have so many) mentioned the competition on their blog. Basically Lil-lets, the leading women’s intimate brand started a We Are Women campaign, not only was the campaign inspiring but it gave the ladies something to talk about and of course, the chance to win some awesome prizes on Pinterest. The whole competition was all about pinning things that inspire you in everyday life. Those who know me will know these things include my wanderlast (mainly Paris and New York) fashion, Chanel, awesome office spaces and pretty shoes. I pinned beautiful pictures all day, everyday for about a month which lead to me pinning around 460 pins in my We Are Women SA board.

When they contacted me to say I was the main winner, I went crazy in the office. When I found out what my prize was, I went even more crazy. I chose to take R10 000 in vouchers to spend at Pavillion on things I have wanted but don’t buy because of the price or just because it’s one of those things I never get round to doing.


I was welcomed in ALDO at Pavillion by some lovely ladies and gentleman to do the prize handover, I felt kinda famous because my picture was getting taking, questions were getting asked, and it was all about me really. A gorgeous bunch of flowers, R10 000 in vouchers in my back pocket and a BEAUTIFUL hand bag later, I left Pavillion smiling and excited to go back and spend, spend, spend.

I went the following Saturday and spent every last cent in one day. It was the most fun I have had in ages, I bought watches, another bag, tons of books, a JT DVD (which was one of my best buys, getting to watch him dance and sing is amazing!) Here is an image of just a few of the things I bought. There’ll be more images coming on the other stuff.

The competition was definitely one of the funnest I’ve entered, I felt inspired while doing it (which was the point, so well done Lil Lets) thank you to the Lil-lets team for this awesome prize and for making my shopping like a crazy person who doesn’t have bills dream come true..


5 thoughts on “My Pinspirational Story

  1. All I could think while doing this was “oh wow!” This is brilliant!. Conratulations, K. Looking forward to more photos of what you bought.


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