GIRLS to be made into a reality show?

If you don’t know my obsession with HBO’s Girls and Lena Dunham by now then you obviously don’t follow me on Twitter!

Apparently the show has had such major success, it has now been decided to make a reality spin off of it.

Hailey Glassman is said to be the main character (the Lena Dunham) in this new realtiy show.

“They’ve already cast Hailey because she sort of epitomises the mid-to-upper class 20-something trying to make it in New York City,”

“ABC has really high goals for the show and each character will be loosely based off one of the characters in the scripted show.

“The premise of the series is to show the hardships of living in New York City and the hustle and creativity it takes to survive in the concrete jungle.

“This is going to be a group of extroverted girls who are well-educated, go to brunch on Sundays bust their asses during the week to make ends meet”

Is what the sources had to say.

What are your thoughts on this? I love Girls so I really don’t think anything can do it justice, and also, it’s very unoriginal.

Reality TV is taking over the world!!!!


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