My thoughts on GIRLS


As I mentioned in my 7 Things post yesterday I was going to start watching the show that everybody is talking about, GIRLS. I know, I know, a bit delayed considering they’re already on Season 2!

Let’s just say I’m hooked! I love how different and raw, if I can put it that way, the show is. It seems there are no filters and there is no where they won’t go with this show, which is refreshing.

The characters flaws are portrayed openly for everyone to see and relate to, the actors aren’t perfect, aren’t super skinny and are totally human.

HBO comedy Girls

The story is also real, a few twenty year olds who are finding their feet in the big world, which includes finances, love, sex, friendship and all that jazz. As a twenty something year old who is going through the same thing, I find this show believable and I think that we needed something like this. As much as I love teenage dramas with beautiful rich kids, GIRLS is real and relevant!

I was also quite excited when the first episode ended and I saw that Lena Dunham (the main character) is the producer and script writer. I love this because she is the most real, she is podgy and quirky and keeps a viewer on their toes.

Girls, HBO

I can’t help but wonder if they do some improv during the show because it just seems that natural.

All in all, I really enjoyed the first few episodes, sometimes I had to gasp at the crazy things that come out their mouths but I also had a good laugh now and then. The show has that awkward feel to it but it all works together.

If you haven’t watched it, give it a try. If you do watch it, tell me what you love and hate about the show.

3 thoughts on “My thoughts on GIRLS

  1. I watched the pilot and the 2nd episode, but I really didn’t like it. Now with all the hype I’m wondering whether to give it a second chance… Then of course I need to find the time to watch. Haha.

    1. Hey Lee 🙂
      I honestly think it’s a show you’ll love or hate! It is quite below the belt, and quite weird as well which isn’t for everyone!
      I just love how real it is.

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