It really is the little things

Probably one of the biggest clichés in history but only because it’s so true! I have been paying careful attention to what makes me excited and happy so that I can do more of that and less of the not-so-cool stuff. This is what I have come up

– Visiting book stores, together with this goes, getting new books

– A blank notebook, for me, this is one of the most exciting things because I get to fill it up with all my thoughts and ideas

– Music

– Animals, they really are treasures

– Being surrounded by people (whether I know them or not) I love watching them, I love seeing what they’re wearing and I love overhearing their conversations

– Comments on the old blog, they mean so much!

– Vintage/old things, whether its buildings or books that are new but look old, I just have such an appreciation for anything that is/looks old

– Manners/kindness, they cost nothing and I so appreciate a good natured person

– Friends and family, where would I be without them and all the love 🙂



One thought on “It really is the little things

  1. Lots of words of wisdom here 🙂 More and more I am learning the importance of pursuing the things that make me truly happy even if it means dancing to the rhythm of my own drum and not others.

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