7 Things I learnt recently

1. I really hate grating cheese and will do anything to avoid it

2. I have an irrational, big fear of falling/slipping in the bath – the reason I say it’s irrational is because I have NEVER fallen in the bath, so where does this come from?

3. Trying to impress everyone all the time is tiring and sometimes you just have to stop trying!

4. Even the people I look up to most and regard highly make mistakes, which will now hopefully cushion my falls when I make mistakes

5. Books that are made to look old (but aren’t really old) are like the coolest books ever

6. Cute animals will ALWAYS cheer up, even when I think nothing can

7. I am waaaay to in love with the TV show 90210

What have you learnt recently? Do share 🙂


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