Keep Live Alive

So one of the best places for live music, good vibes and a good night out is Live the Venue, based in Durban, this venue has brought us Durbanites the latest and greatest muso’s from all over our country.

Live the Venue is having some issues – I am not too sure on the deets but have now been forced to go to such extremes as getting a petition to keep pumping!

So I ask you, whether you live in Durban or not, to sign this petition – it literally takes less than a minute and will keep one of our very few venues that are worth going to alive.

The reasons for having to get the petition are not due to anything illegal, but are petty issues.

This is the statement on their wesbite

There are nine nightclubs in the same area as Live The Venue. We are not a nightclub, we are a platform for performing arts. We are all for the development of society and do not pose the same threats of that of a nightclub.

LIVE The Venue has created a professional environment for artists/musicians to showcase their skills/talents.

It is a place where they can forge strong relationships with audiences/fellow musicians and promote themselves and their albums.

The music industry continues to battle declining revenues due to digital file sharing, therefore live entertainment venues can play an important role in providing a good source of income for musicians/entertainers.

HELP LIVE The Venue TO CONTINUE PROMOTING  LIVE MUSIC Just follow the link, and click sign the petition!


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