Summer Scents

I am a very fussy fragrance user because I suffer with headaches from certain smells so it is really difficult to find something I love which I can wear without a headache (literally)

I am a sweet scent kinda girl and after a long and head throbbing search I have found some fragrances for the season (and probably many more seasons to come)

ESCADA TAJ – The sweetest of them all, and probably my favorite

POISION DIOR – A perfect alternative to the ones I wear daily (ESCADA TAJ and DOLCE & GABBANA THE ONE)

SOMEDAY, JUSTIN BIEBER – I know, I know, was by pure accident that I smelt it and honestly loved it. I don’t own a bottle of it yet, but sure hope to soon

DOLCE & GABANNA THE ONE – Not very sweet but rather flowery but amazing. I wear this every other day

IMARI SEDUCTION – I honestly prefer the body lotion to the actual perfume but I do enjoy wearing this every now and then.

What are your favorite fragrances? Do share


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