Always Dream

I am a “dream, believe, imagine” kinda girl (I have even been told I’m unrealistic by some who don’t understand)

Simple words like the ones I mentioned get me motivated, and make my life that much better! To me, life is not life without dreams – some realistic and some not so realistic (but who knows right)

Right now my biggest dreams are to:

–  Visit Paris and New York – from what I have seen, heard and read, I will no doubt, LOVE these two places.

– Work for a magazine so I can write everyday, meet interesting people inbetween and put this passion of mine to good use

– Write a book

– Have a walk in closet

– Have a dreamy space at home which I can call my very own space (office, escape, library, whatever you’d like to call it) that I can decorate with inspiration, where I can draw inspiration from and where I can inspire others

Luckily for me I have a positive outlook and I like to imagine things (maybe I can imagine things until they happen) so I can see big things coming my way, I don’t know when but they are coming!

What are your dreams/goals? Do Share 🙂

Follow my dream board on Pinterest to see just how much I dream.

**Keep Dreaming, and start doing**



4 thoughts on “Always Dream

  1. Always dream BIG!! I dreamed of becoming a dance teacher when I was little; I did modern dancing but never thought that I would really be able to make a career out of it or anything… Then in my late 20’s I started belly dancing and eventually started teaching. It was only driving to my first class (to teach) that I actually realised that my childhood dream was coming true! Never let anyone tell you that your dreams are unrealistic! xx

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