7 Things I’m loving right now

– Pinterest, I know I’m a bit behind but I did join long ago but never realized just how cool and addictive it was until recently. You can follow me here and check out my crazy pinning!

– Imari Seduction perfume and body lotion from AVON, it’s a perfect scent for this time of year. Luscious plum and purple orchid with hints of warm vanilla, amber and musk make this a sweet, fruity scent suitable for spring

– My first tattoo (a small heart on my wrist)

– This earring (does anyone know where I can get a pair or even one from?)

– My beauty goodies from Charlene at GeeWhiskers which I won in her 6 month giveaway competition

– This quote by Anna Wintour “Create your own style…Let it be unique for yourself yet identifiable for others”

– Stacked beaded bangles

**Images: Pinterest


2 thoughts on “7 Things I’m loving right now

  1. Aww! Sweet! I am SO VERY HAPPY that you love your hamper so much 😀
    I was very tempted to get a tattoo many years ago but decided against it because I saw a friend’s one during the heal stages and it just freaked me out – granted she did get quite a big tattoo and it looks SUPER painful! Hope your’s isn’t giving you too much grief.
    Big Hugs!

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