Fashion Flashback: Gwen Stefani

Before the likes of Gaga and Nicki Minaj, we had Gwen – she was different and experimented with fashion but never to extremes that actually grossed fans out (the meat dress) she pushed the limits but never went over the “way weird line”. Her different back then is now kind of our norm… How times change!

She was the epitome of cool, I look back at her now, at her music and her style and she is still pretty damn cool.

Remember the ish is bananas? How cool was that song?

While looking at some of her shots – I thought high-fashion.

Her individuality and style is something I will always admire because I was so young when she was at her peak and I just didn’t understand her but I loved that! I now understand way more and would like to give her a high five in real life 🙂

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