NYFW: Three favorites

My favorite time of year is when the fashion industry is buzzing – I mean its always buzzing but during fashion weeks it buzzes loudly and brightly 🙂

All the collections have been fresh and have had special qualities I liked about them, but I usually choose what I like by what stands out to me, its not always necessarily what I would wear, but if it stands out and sticks then thats good enough for me… So my three favorites of what I’ve seen include:


The colours just blow my mind and the designs are simple and wearable. I also love the gladiator sandals and alice bands – nothing like adding some head candy to an outfit


A mixture of colours and textures, this is a feast for my eyes


As much as I love colour, sometimes neutrals say it best and Marc Jacobs presented a psychedelic 60s collection with subtle hues and not-so-subtle prints. This is by no means toned down but is a nice break from the colours

**Images: Frills and Thrills (The best collages and the place for fash information)


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