ELLE Magazine making it happen

Today ELLE SA shared news with all its fans and followers that will go down in history – as Jackie Burger, editor of ELLE described it “This is history in the making”

What exactly is all the buzz about and why was ELLE Magazine trending on Twitter?

For many reasons, I mean it’s ELLE Magazine – One of South Africa’s leading fashion magazines, but mainly because they took a step that hasn’t been taken before, they invited international style icon, Solange Knowles to our shores, to meet our editors and to feature in our magazine. Not only did they take the step, but they are now going on a journey that many of us only dream of, they are treading on international waters. It’s not everyday that a star such as Solange agrees to shack up in South Africa with the Elle belle’s

What this means?

The wonderful ELLE team, who keeps on giving us the latest and greatest will be putting together an upcoming issue that will tickle every fashionista’s fancy, that will have all the readers rushing to the stores to get the issue and that will have the world talking about SA. The magazine will not feature pictures of Solange Knowles taken in a studio overseas, it will not feature a copy and paste interview with Solange – it will feature pictures of the style icon, taken in South Africa, by hopefully a local photographer, and will be directed by our very own ELLE team. I am not a hundred perecent sure about what the exact plans for Solange are, but either way, said issue is going to be the issue of the year

What this means to me?

Well if you think back to when it was announced that South Africa was going to be hosting the soccer world cup, it was a moment for South Africa and soccer fans united, it was a time of excitment and intrigue. The excitement that soccer fans felt on that day can’t even be compared to how I felt today. I have always been a proud South African because I know what we have to offer, it’s just a case of showing the rest of the world what we can do. By ELLE making this happen, they have shown that we have guts and determination and that we can take on anything, and by Solange agreeing to come to SA, we may see more big celebs coming our way.

My chosen career path is one in which I hope to follow in the footsteps of Jackie Burger and Poppy Evans so to see such big things happening in the industry have me giddy with excitment.

The ELLE team deserve all the praise they are getting simply because they took the step.


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