7 Things: Happiness in a picture

There are a lot of things that make me happy and the list of what I love is endless (I love this, I love that) but I found this picture and guess what, I loved it… because it has things I love in it

1. Animals – specifically my cat Tequila but any animal makes ooooh and aaaaah

2. Pink – if you hadn’t noticed pink is my favorite colour, I always go for pink first

3. Shoes – no explanation needed, we all know what its like to love shoes

4. Ice-Cream, I will never ever say no to Ice-Cream

5. Chanel – That little sparkly bow tie says Chanel on it so obviously it makes me happy

6. Cupcakes/cake/dessert/chocolate – You get why I put all of those together, they fit into the sweet treats category and anything sweet makes me happy 🙂

7. Accessories – whether its pet accessories or accessories for myself, I love them!

Tell me about what makes you happy… And look out for round two of what makes me happy

2 thoughts on “7 Things: Happiness in a picture

  1. Cute post!

    What makes me happy…hmmm….
    My fiance,
    My family (includes my dog and 2 cats),
    My magazine,
    Having dreams,
    My Nespresso machine (haha)

    Blog is looking great Kerry!

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