Friday Favorite: We Heart This

So I recently shared my obsession with notebooks with you and today, I spotted a blog by one of my favorite blog ladies Bobbylicious sharing a link to a really cute and cool online store – We Heart This, Of course I went to browse in the hopes of finding some cool goodies and guesswhat……. I found notebooks!

They are so cute, and so handmade, and so me!

The notebooks come in a set of 3 with blank pages and each with a different colour tone (green, pink and blue) and has its own cover quote.

Each notebook set comes packaged with a lovely fabric bag also handmade.

I want…. The set is R150, great value for money considering it is handmade with love..

But then I also want this one


The journal includes 25 blank sheets (50 pages) for your notes and extra pages to list“Cool stuff to check out”, “Important”, “Don’t forget”, “Want to do”, “Want to go”, and “Must buy”.

The journal is R70.

Its my birthday on Monday (I hope someone is reading this and paying attention)

To visit this awesome online store, go here

All images from the site

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