Meet Mej. Hanrie Lues

Originally from Bloemfontein, in the heart of the Free State, but now living in  DBN, Hanrie Lues made the move to my beautiful province after realising that her career would go nowhere had she stayed in Bloem. Since she made the move, she has worked hard and made a name for herself which lead to amazing opportunities and meeting inspiring people! She has been a finalist in the Vodacom DBN July Fashion Challenge 7yrs in a row, between 2005 and 2011.

Her resume proves her passion and talent

– Finalist in the 2009 Vukani! Fashion Awards

– Finalist in the Mr. Price 031 Collections New Designer Award

– Fashion by the Sea show, at Ushaka Moyo Pier, earlier this year

– Showcased at 3 marquees at the Vodacom DBN July this year, including the MTV Base Lifestyle Oasis

– Finalist this year, in the Gateway Theatre of Shopping Ecouture Recycle competition

Most recently, Hanrie was invited by the KZN Fashion Council to show case at Fashion Week Johannesburg in September

This is what she had to say about the collection she is busy with for fashion week

My collection will be celebrating what it means to be ‘Afrikaans’. In recent years the term ‘boer’ has built such a negative connotation, I feel the need to revive our rich culture and promote the positive aspects of our strong people, not the negative impact of a handful of ignorant old men.

I envision all cultures in South Africa to embrace the Afrikaner heritage, by integrating my garments into their existing wardrobes.

Some of the things that have inspired me in this collection, is the feel of an old ‘plaas kombuis’, the boer-war and the textures of the ‘veld’.

But for more, you’ll just have to wait until Fashion Week!! 🙂

I recently spotted shots of previous collections on her Facebook page which inspired this post because they are unique and represent her brand so well

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The shots I’ve loaded are from 3 collections actually, the first is her Mr. Price 031 Collection, inspired by the ‘Virgin Suicides’

The 2nd one was her Fashion by the Sea Collection, inspired by our oceans and beautiful coral reefs.

The 3rd collection was made for the Bloom Marketing marquee at the Vodacom DBN July, basically just sexy party dresses inspired by their tent theme ‘Eden in Bloom’

A little bit about her target market and labels

I currently have two labels, ‘Hanrie Lues’ which is mainly evening, bridal and cocktail wear. I work on appointments only and do personal one-on-one consultations with my clients. The ready-made collection is also stocked at Just Prom in Glenwood Village.

My second label, which I have launched very recently, is ‘Mej. Lues’. I am very excited about this new label, as I will be focusing mainly on daywear for ladies aged between 16 and 35.

I would describe my style (Mej. Lues specifically) as nostalgic, feminine and pretty. I have done a lot of research about the Afrikaner culture and where my own family have come from, in this I have discovered so many aspects of my heritage that inspire me, which will be seen in my Winter 2013 Collection….

I consulted with Derrick Mhlongo from Decamm Productions to develop the brand identity, which I feel represents exactly who I am as a designer and as an individual.

As a Durbanite, I am proud to see Hanrie represent at something as big as Fashion Week! I wish her luck and know she will produce amazing garments, which I will, of course, feature right here.

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