Rebel Obsessed

I was lucky enough to receive a goodie bag from AFI SA and Mercedes Benz on my trip and of all the goodies in the bag, the one that stood out was MAC Rebel Lipglass – to say I am obsessed with this colour is an understatement. I wore it everyday in Cape Town and have it on today.

Being a light pink girl and wanting to move away from the light shades, this couldn’t have come at a better time. This is also the first time I am trying a MAC lipgloss because I’m quite a cheap gloss girl, my mentality has been all wrong thinking they’re all one in the same.

Now that I have tried MAC, I am dying to take a look instore at the other colours available – this gloss lasts and has such a beautiful colour to it no matter how much you apply. I apply two coats to get close to the bottle colour (its a stunning grape) and find that I reapply every three hours or so. It is quite thick in texture but not at all sticky.

According to my MAC friend and pro, this was a limited edition colour and also came in a lipstick and polish..

And just look how amazing it is – I want the polish and lipstick, and like a ton more of the gloss.

Tell me about your favorite MAC products and colours..



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