My Inspiration

Inspiration is important for not only creatives such as writers, designers and photographers, but its an important part of life – being inspired is a feeling that can’t really be compared to much else.

I am inspired daily by beautiful things, successful people, TV shows and fashion, so I am going to share some of my biggest inspirations with you


First up is Erin Silver from 90210 (Jessica Stroup) being the biggest fan of the show ever, I have been watching season four and once again, her style in the show knocked me for a six. As much as I love/admire super high heels and flowy dresses, they’re just not me. I don’t have a particular style but prefer cute over sexy, pumps over heels, quirky over prim. Silvers style in 90210 pretty much sums up how I would like to look on a daily basis.

I am dying for the white hat with black bow on it.

Which brings me onto my next inspiration, which is of course, Zooey Deschanel. She is the queen of quirky, not only in her show New Girl but also in real life.


My best ideas come to me when I am surrounded by amazing things or when I am in a room which is pleasing for the eye, I wish on a daily basis for a room which I can turn into my own little space, filled with all the things I love, magazines, posters, etc. For now looking at pictures sends me into daydreams which then lead to interesting thoughts and ideas.

I am no design fundi, but I appreciate good spaces.

Something like these will do


My chosen industry – journalism/writing is a tough one and I have a few women who inspire me and who have shown me that anything is possible

Rebecca Dodd – Deputy Editor and Fashion Editor on All4Women

My current editor at All4Women who I have gotten to know and learnt to love. Rebecca is only 25 but knows how to wow anyone with words and has a damn good resume. I hope to do as well in my career as she has done in such a short space. After meeting her in person, I have even more respect for her.

Bryony McCormick – Editor of Saltwater Girl

Bryony is the girl I wanted to be when I was a teenager – uber cool surfer type chick with so much to offer the world. She has taken Saltwater Girl Magazine (a mag I read as a teen as well) to new levels and is definately an inspiration to me not only career wise but attitude wise. She is a happy lady with a passion for many things all while being easy to get along with!

Poppy Evans – Ms Elle Fashion

Elle is one of the worlds leading fashion magazines and Poppy is SA Elle’s very own fashion editor. She has visions that are beautiful, trendy, original and creative. Who wouldn’t want to be fashion editor of Elle Magazine?

Coco Chanel

She needs no introduction and even though she is no longer alive, her story is one that has inspired me and kept me positive when everything looked negative. She is a legend in her own right through hard work, dedication and passion

Nicole Warr – Editor Vintage Lifestyle Magazine

This lady is younger than me but took a step that others dream of but aren’t brave enough to take. She started South Africas first online vintage magazine, which has soared since it started and has built a loyal readership and has gotten her noticed. Her love for vintage has helped her reach her dream

These are a few of the things that inspire me, among many others, but these are the ones worth mentioning because they are a part of me.

Who/what inspires you? Do share 🙂


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