I just clicked Mr P

So after much excitement at the annoucement of a Mr Price online store I couldn’t wait to get online and see everything – I had a browse a few times yesterday and today, added a few things to my wishlist and finally took the plunge and ordered today.

Everything about the site is quick, easy and detailed. Price, colours, details etc. are included for each product, check out is easy and so is payment and delivery.

I am very impressed with my experience, now I wait for my order.

What did I order? Well I kept it small, a while ago I bought a pair of blue pointy pumps with heart detail on them because I had bought a blue blazer and they looked cute together… The shoes have since became one of my favorite pairs, they are comfy and have the cutest heart on them. While browsing I saw there was a black pair and had to have them..

I ordered a few minutes ago and am super excited to receive my parcel. I not only wanted the shoes but also wanted to be a part of the whole experience because everyone has been stoked with how quickly their deliveries came.

There are three delivery options

Door to door

Post Office

Nearest Store

There are also many payment options.

There really isn’t much more I could ask for – Mr Price is one of my favorite stores and now will probably be the leader of the pack due to convenience.

Props to Mr P for this initiative, I’ll be sure to let you know when I get my package.

Go visit Mr P Online and start shopping

Have you ordered yet?

2 thoughts on “I just clicked Mr P

  1. I’m so psyched that Mr P has finally opened the door to decent, affordable online shopping here in SA 🙂 I ordered a cute high-low hem skirt that I saw in store, but they didn’t have my size…

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