On this day in fashion history

In 2010, Stella McCartney revealed the reason behind her decision to become a fashion desiger “it was films, I loved all the Doris Day visuals of her being a tomboy and then changing to this gorgeous girl in a ball gown” she said

She also admitted in the same interview to sometimes being embarassed about the fact that she liked fashion and would often say design rather than fashion design when asked what she did for a living.

I say fashion is nothing to be embarassed about – it is an art not everyone understands but if you do its amazing!

Doris Day



4 thoughts on “On this day in fashion history

  1. I remember seeing my Grandmother’s magazines that she kept and laughing my head off at the models who had the exact same smile in every single photo. But now when I see photos like this I love and appreciate it because models looked happy. Nowadays not many models are encouraged to smile in fashion spreads – it’s a pity. The world needs more smiling faces 🙂

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