7 Things I learnt recently

– A pen is the easiest thing to lose and the hardest thing to find

– The only person you can fully rely on is yourself

– How to do a perfect red lip – that lasts (score)

– To work through fear, fear of one thing can hold you back from many things

– Who Daisy Lowe is, if you don’t know who she is, google her (she’s kinda interesting) a model/actress with famous parents

– No matter what time I go to sleep, I will wake up tired unless its weekend or a day I don’t have to work

– Justin Bieber has a girls perfume – which I am now in love with. More on that later 🙂

What have you learnt recently?


2 thoughts on “7 Things I learnt recently

    1. haha you lucky you could get up at only 2pm. I have tried going to sleep early, late and in between but still can’t get the hang of waking up. Thanks 🙂 It’s actually not going to stay like this for long, currently busy with a lovely lady on a revamp 🙂 Excited

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