Weekly Wrapup

All the interesting news all in one place 🙂

– Despite the Yves Saint Laurent name change, the logo will remain the same (I’m still not happy about this decision, and don’t care who you are, you don’t walk into an empire and change the name)

– Aggyness Deyn got married, to Giovanni Ribisi. Congrats to them

– Apparently today is no panties day?

– Lady Gaga is touring SA later in the year.

– Jane Raphaelys book, Jane Rapaely Unedited has now launched. She is the queen of media and magazines so this book is a must read.

– Sass Diva is having a major sale 3 for R100 while stocks last, you have no excuse – its the weekend now.

– Lastly I have learnt a major lesson this week due to a very unfortunate passing of someone I followed on Twitter. Life is so short so just live!

So I leave you with some wise words and hope you have a fantastic weekend filled with no regrets 🙂

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