Emma Stone for Vogue

My latest girl crush is Emma Stone, I’ve always been a fan but after seeing the Revlon ads and her red carpet style (in which she flaunts her pale complexion) I have been watching.

She covers Vogue and looks gorgeous, but besides the cover – the inside story has got to be one of my favorites EVER!

Those eyes are piercing…

Because Emma is multi talented Vogue decided to capture that, and for that I’d like to say thank you Vogue for such amazing shots

And now the “comic” side of Emma

I love a woman and a celebrity who doesn’t take themself too seriously and this is Emma

She would do SO well in a Tim Burton/Johnny Depp movie (those were my first thoughts when seeing these shots)

Besides showing the comic side of Emma, Vogue chose to photograph her in the way we know her – a soft, natural, hint-of-sexy goddess

After showing off her uniqueness in front of the camera, Emma Stone opens up about her upcoming movie, acting as well as fashion, and tells one of the magazine’s writers that “I’m not saving lives. But I get to tell stories, and that’s a pretty important task”.

What do you think? Love it as much as I do?


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