Q & A with Chiano Sky

I’m a huge fan and maybe you’re a fan too? Chiano Sky has it all so why wouldn’t you be a fan?

Her album is set to release on July the 2nd and you can trust that I’m counting the days..

I was fortunate enough to get an interview with her, here’s what she had to say…

You’re young and very successful at the moment, what do you hope to achieve in say the next five years?

Well right now I just plan to get a juicy album out and as soon as that happens I plan to gig not only locally but hopefully internally , collaborate with as many artists as I can , get to know my fans better , just grow and expand myself as an artist.

Where do you get your inspiration from? lyrically speaking?

I get my inspiration from human behaviour that I see around me and obviously just from my own experiences , memories and emotions – we are all writing about the same things just saying it differently and in our own unique voice.

Are you the voice on your Facebook and Twitter accounts?

Hell yeah ! if my fans have time to support and listen to me then it is only fair that I support and listen to them.

Any plans to explore and tour in other countries?

Ofcourse , after I get a comfortable following here in my own country I definitely want to tour as many countries as possible and shout ! Europe would be amazing !

Who would you most love to perform with? locally or internationally

Locally – Shadowclub , they got that whole rock n roll thing going on.

Internationally – Mick Jagger , he is such an interesting number.

Is this something yourself doing forever? or do you have other plans for the far future?

Music will always be a part of my life and I definitely want to keep bringing out tunes till I die , though I would love to have my own radio station where I could play music that the youngsters like myself want to hear , a lot of underground music that you don’t hear on the radio at present and I would also like to open my own coffee shop , learn more on the fine arts side of life and hopefully finish some studies.

What do you like most about the music industry?

Working with artists , I keep discovering new sounds and idea’s. Its so amazing hearing and seeing things that I didn’t before.

Your favourite local and lekker place?

Neighbourgoods market , it’s a great place where South Africans come and showcase there food and design skills and techniques.

Ever attempted surfing or bodyboarding?

Yes , my dad often took me out to sea.

You’re easily recognisable by your long locks, ever had any hair disasters?

Maybe one where it got cut to short then discussed , I cried like an A class baby haha but I got over it and ended up loving it .The brief is now as follows : its got to be long enough so that I can still play mermaid haha 😉

What do you do in your spare time?

I love a good boogie to old classics , a lovely lunch with a good friend , exploring art galleries and interesting restaurants and I also spend time enjoying my own company at home.

One thing you can’t live without?

It’s a toss between my Frank CD by Amy Winehouse and my thoughts.

Aha, you’re a fan now right?

Thanks to the lovely lady for agreeing to do the interview.

Can’t wait for the new tracks – sure they will blow our minds

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