Know your designer: Coco Chanel

Designers never cease to amaze me – maybe it’s because I secretly wish to be one or maybe it’s because we rely on them to create magical pieces that blow our mind, which we in turn, then try and copy. They make the trend while we wear the trend!

To be a successful designer takes more than just a fashion mind – it requires creativity, determination and something out of the ordinary, which lets face, not everyone possesses. That alone makes designers intriguing.

Because of my fascination with designers and brands I am always on the look out for facts about my favorites. Yes, I am going to share my findings with you 🙂

Obviously, because I am an obsessive, compulsive Chanel lover it’s only fitting that I start with the lady herself.

Here are 7 fun facts about Coco Gabrielle Chanel

1. After a fortune teller told her that her lucky number was 5, she used the number in her popular fragrance Chanel No.5 which made her millions.

2. She was a Leo and  allegedly collected lions

3. She owned her first shop in 1910 – it was a hat shop called Chanel Modes

4. She is credited for popularizing the “costume jewellery” concept. In 1920 she came up with the idea to mix fake pearls with real stones

5. She learnt how to sew while in an orphanage after her mom died

6. The first film about Chanel was ‘Chanel Solitaire’ in 1981, with Marie-France Pisier playing the designer. This was followed by the American TV movie ‘Coco Chanel’ in 2008, which rewrote her history by overlooking her connections to the Nazis.

7. She died at the age of 87 at the Ritz hotel in Paris



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