Tyra Banks vs Naomi Campbell

As if their 15 year faud wasn’t enough, Naomi Campbell has now jumped on the reality show bandwagon and is set to be one of three judges and the host of a new show called The Face.

The show is said to be a fresh new series that delivers fashion, beauty and drama by the president of NBC. It’s so fresh that its going to feature photo shoots, catwalk shows and advertisements for well known brands.

So fresh that the winner will become a brand ambassador and the face of huge brand (not yet disclosed)

Really original Naomi.

I’m backing Tyra and Americas Next Top Model on this one – Get your own idea Naomi Campbell.

One thought on “Tyra Banks vs Naomi Campbell

  1. The Emmy award nominated Tyra Banks Show will soon be heading to the east coast after spending its first two seasons out west. The Los Angeles based program will be taping season three at the Chelsea Television Studios in New York. This move is like a homecoming of sorts for the former supermodel. New York has always been considered as one of the top fashion meccas in the world. It was a frequent stomping ground of the former catwalk star during her modeling days. Banks was quoted as saying, “I’m thrilled to be moving to New York… I feel connected and completely at home.”,

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