Yellow carpet fashion

Ok so what does a fashion loving girl do when there’s an awards show on the go? she tunes in to see the fashion…

I didn’t see much of the actual carpet cause I tuned in a bit late but what I did see from presenters to artists was slightly disappointing. We (south africans) have so much at our disposal and these shlebs have even more at theirs, stylists, designers at their fingertips and a internet of inspiration however they still didn’t wow me.

Of course, there were some above average ensembles and then some below but only two managed to grab my attention and then want to research them

Melinda Bam, Miss SA 2011 reflected the yellow carpet in a gorgeous, figure hugging Peter Bondisio mermaid style dress.

Of course, this dress has been seen before on Miss Botswana during the Miss World 2010 contest, however it was ages ago and this stunner deserves a second model on a catwalk/carpet.

Then we have Tamara Dey who is a favorite of mine for her edge.

Those puffy orange sleeves make my heart sing!

Tamara was dressed by Black Coffee and even tweeted a picture of her matching nails – now that’s how you do it!

Others who were above average include Pabi Moloi, Elma Smit and Lira.



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