Greys for winter

One of my absolute favorite colours for winter is grey. I’ve noticed the shelves of all the clothing stores are filling up with greys, browns and blacks as well as a few of the best winter essentials such as berets and scarves. With the hot summer Durban has experienced and because I’m a jacket, boot loving girl I welcome winter with open arms.

That is a Chanel bag….and I do want it!

I actually want most of the items pictured 🙂

That grey/black smokey eye is gorgeous and while I have nearly perfected the art of doing a smokey eye – I can not pull of a grey/silver smokey eye. With my darkish blue eyes it looks like there is a whole lot happening by my eye area and not in a good way.

P.S Grey is just one of the many colours I love for winter.

What are your colours of choice for the colder days?



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