Practical and pretty – Patek Phillipe

That ladies, is a Patek Phillipe watch and not only is it pretty but is quite a little gadget too.

This ladies chronograph is a true Grand Complication that projects feminine elegance despite the extreme micromechanical complexity of its inner life.

Not just any watch – this beauty is a split-seconds chronograph that not only measures the duration of an event but also allows lap and reference times to be stopped.

And yes, those are diamonds, set by hand by master jewellers.

Due to the complexity and exclusivity of this timepiece, a purchase can only be made through a formal application process. The potential buyer will need to show a history and affinity with the Patek Philippe brand before being allowed to order this unique timepiece, and the current waiting period for manufacture is between 1 and 2 years.

Patek Philippe timepieces are exclusively available through The Watch and Jewellery Gallery in Southern Africa, which is located at Shop 33, Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton, Johannesburg. For more information please contact the store on 011-7842587 or visit

Now that is something to lust because not only is it sparkly and shiny but not anyone can just have it!


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