Amazing talent – Chiano Sky

I’m a huge fan of this up and coming star, her latest song “Walking Away” is my favorite of 2012 so far and literally gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it! Let’s learn a little more about this South African beauty…

Chiano Sky Kruger is her real name, born in Nelspruit on 17 May 1993 and at age 10 she fell in love with music and performing

She had private singing lessons from a very young age and attended The National School of the Arts for a while until  EMI discovered her and signed her up.

She does a lot of modeling especially in Cape Town. She is currently part of “Star Model Management” in JHB

Her musical inspirations are the likes of Amy Winehouse (voice) Kylie Minogue and Bob Marley

She has graced the covers of some local magazines such as Voila

If you haven’t watched the music video for “Walking Away” then go here to enjoy the magical voice and talent that is Chiano Sky

She currently has two singles on the radio “Sick sick” and “Walking Away” and her album is set to release in March June/July – I’m definately excited for it!

In an interview I recently did with Locnville, they mentioned they are working on something with Chiano, you just know that these popular and talented artists will create something unbelievable..Rumour has it on Twitter that she has also been in studio with Crash Car Burn..

This girl is going all the way to the top and I’m excited for her, her talent and South African music!

To like her Facebook page go here



6 thoughts on “Amazing talent – Chiano Sky

  1. Stunning write up. Our little song bird is reaching for the stars and I have no doubt she WILL go all the way to the top.

  2. I’m her biggest fan ever! I’m 12 years old and want to be just like Chiano Sky! She is my hero! Her music awesome and she is my fashion icon definitely! I’m hoping on going to NSA if I can get my mom to let me!!
    From Danielle

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