Estee Lauder product reviews – Glamour Girl journey

I mentioned in my counter experience post that I received some skin care goodies from the lovely ladies at Estee Lauder, and I have now been using the products religiously for a whole week and am now ready to report back. I am also proud to announce that after a week of everyday skin care, I am now in the habit of it and can’t go without my washing and toning 🙂


This  is one of my favorites because nothing beats a nice cleanse after a long, sweaty day (it’s been ridiculously hot in Durban) this little beauty leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. A small drop is all you need at a time to wash your face with a gentle yet refreshing foam.


Does everything a toner should  and more, leaves my face feeling cool and smooth. A night is not complete until this cleanser has been used. Has a nice, but not over powering fragrance and is alcohol free.


Can be used to your own preference, I choose to use this in the morning before applying my makeup as it really does provide maximum moisture and is working on my very dry, flaky patch on my nose and forehead. My face definately feels hydrated and silky soft after use


I can see why this little brown bottle is one of Lauder’s most popular products, heaven in a bottle and the change you need to make to your daily regime. I use this at night and while I was told that I can use it in the morning and night, I prefer it at night. It gives my skin a glow and works it’s magic during the night.

And that’s it, all my products have come in use and have convinced me once again of Estee Lauders quality and difference. What are your favorite products?

Friends and followers, voting begins tomorrow, I will be sure to post the link to vote 🙂 Once again, I can’t tell you what an amazing opportunity this will be for me, being such a girlie girl and getting to learn more about the products and all the glam that comes with the title of Estee Lauder Glamour Girl will be amazing.

Check out the facebook page for awesome content and to learn more about the other contestants or the website for the latest and greatest

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